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Room Parent Responsibilities - These guidelines have been established to help ensure that all parents are informed and included when planning and preparing for the various events that take place during the school year.

What is a Room Parent Coordinator?

A Room Parent Coordinator:

  • Has a child enrolled in ASRC for one year or more, is VIRTUS trained, has had a background check completed, and has signed a Volunteer Code of Conduct.  If you are not already VIRTUS trained, please visit www.virtus.org to register for a training session. 
  • Attends PTA meetings and the Volunteer Training Meeting.  If the room parent coordinator is not able to attend a particular PTA meeting, it is the responsibility of the room parent coordinator to find someone to attend the meeting in his/her place.
  • Contacts, or is contacted by, the teacher to determine how events are to be handled on grade level and in the classroom.
  • Helps plan, organize and attend events as needed by the classroom teacher.
  • Helps coordinate extra activities such as the class basket for the PTA annual Gift Auction. 
  • Works cooperatively with other Room Parent Coordinators.
  • Distributes party donation requests to all parents in the class.
  • Maintains excellent records.

What is a Room Parent Assistant?

A Room Parent Assistant:

  • Attends PTA meetings as often as possible and may be asked to substitute at the meeting for the room coordinator on occasion.

    • Assists the Room Parent Coordinator as needed.

      • Is VIRTUS trained, has had a background check completed, and has signed a Volunteer Code of Conduct If you are not already VIRTUS trained, please visit www.virtus.org to register for a training session.

      Room Parent Coordinator and Room Parent Assistant Participation

      Room Parent Coordinators as well as Room Parent Assistants will be assigned to only one classroom each.  This will allow more parent participation.    

      The following documents have been created to help you to understand your role as a Room Parent Coordinator as well as assisting you in maintaining good records of classroom events and parent contacts:

      Room Parent Coordinator Reports have been created to asist you with record keeping.  They are as follows:

      • Parent Contact Report - This document will help you to keep good records of what parents you have called and the outcome of each call made to parents.  This form is to be filled out and returned to the front office after each event or occurance where parents are contacted.
      • Classroom Event Record - This document will assist the front office and classroom teacher by alerting them as to who may be coming to assist in the classroom as well as who may be sending items in through the front office.  Please fill this form out and return it to school 24 hours prior to the planned event.
      • Teacher Gift Letters - These letters have been created and approved for your use when requesting donations from parents for teacher gifts.  One letter is for gifts that will be created and one letter is for gifts that will be purchased.  These are the only letters that are approved for asking for this type of donation.   Once you have the letter filled in accordingly, please make enough copies for each child in the classroom, fold and staple the letters and send to school.  Once the decision has been made to purchase or create a class gift, all students names are to be included when presenting the gift.

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